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Name:Sue Sorchar
HI!!! my name is Sue and I'm cute and awesome and win at OTPs and stuff!!!! i dun liek it when ppl are mean to my otps and will be mean to them back, so be nice to me and i won't bite you, kay?

and missy is doing it with esmeralda lol

Interests (118):

all caps, arguing, attacking people with fish, baiting gordon, being a brat, being a dojikko, being a genki girl, being a hypocrite, being immature, being mean to trisha, being silly, better than you, bitching, black fang orgies, bleach, boobies, books, bridget is a bitch, butt secks, cannon, carrot is annoying, cassie's a fuckmuffin, cori falls sucks, crack pairings, crappy icons, cute things, drama, drawn together, esmeralda sucks, evidence, fanart, fanfic, fighting, fish as weapons, flame wars, fruits basket, gale is a douche, gay boiz, gay puppies, getting my way, go lick a skunk, gordon smells, hannah is awesome, hating beowulf, hating claude, hating mamoru, hating nakago, hating rath, hating rennac, hating suboshi, hawt secks, het, hitting rod, homsar sucks, i heart alexi, i'm right, impersonations, janet's awesome, kitchen hazards, kristan is a bitch, lesbians, lesbians making out, love, lucy is a moron, mario, martina is a bitch, maxie is cool, mean people suck, michelle's a dumbass, missy loves essie, missy sucks, morgan is a bitch, movies, my little pony, nakago sucks, not "cupcakes", orgies, otp, paul is a dick, pink hair, pokemon, pr0n, proof, protecting my childhood, rocketshipping, rod's a total perv, romance, screaming, sekrit episodes, sekrit volumes, setting dishwashers on fire, setting patrick on fire, shipping, smacking people, stfu hor, stuart is a dick, tamahome sucks, teasing angela, teasing mittens, teen girl squad orgies, television, trowa is uke, true love, typos, u h0r, ur meen, ur wrong, ust, video games, winning at otps, wtf, yaoi, yeah whatever, yelling, yelling at patrick, you suck, yuri, zhao sucks
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